Things To Do

Augusta is situated on Cape Leeuwin with the Southern Ocean to the south and the Indian Ocean to the west. The famous Margaret River region with all it’s beautiful scenery, caves and wineries is only a short drive away. Holidays in Augusta are spectacular and will never be forgotten.

Sting Rays Hamilton Bay - Augusta

Local Attractions and activities

When visiting Baywatch Manor you will discover the exciting activities that will bring fun and happiness while enjoying your stay the Wildflower Tours from September to December are extremely popular. Its a sight you will always remember.

Crayfish or Abalone diving is something for the more adventurous. Dive down in the bay and catch yourself one of the most tastiest meals on earth. You will not find or taste anything like this in the world.

Walking on the Cape to Cape Trail please click here for more information. The track is famous and runs for an incredible 135 km. The track runs along the coast and boasts some of the most breath taking views on earth. From amazing cliff views to sweeping beaches that go on for as far as the eye can see.

Visit the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse ( the Cape to Cape Track meets up with Light House) at Australia’s most south west point. If the light house could talk there would be stories than you could imagine. It sits on the most southern point of Australia’s south west The light house still functions today and is steeped in history.

See massive native stingrays (as in the image above) up close at beautiful Hamelin Bay. If you have never seen these creatures its something you need to do in your life. Hamelin Bay is famous as mentioned for the sting rays that can be seen daily and will come right into the shallows of the beach Hamelin Bay also sites also sits at the mouth of world famous Margaret River.,_Western_Australia

Explore the Jewel Cave is the largest cave in Western Australia and comprised of three huge chambers. Some of the stalactites are among the longest in the world. The caves are truly impressive as you enter an underground fantasy land filled with colours and wonder. The guide takes you over the local history and keeps you interested. The tours ends with the Kari Walk, The Kari Tree needs to seen to be believed they only grow in this region of Australia. It is the 3rd tallest tree in Australia and among the largest of this type of tree in the world.

Experience a whale watching charter at Flinders Bay. In between the periods of June and August Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales, and the rare Blue and Minke Whales make their way on the northern and southern migrations. See them in this lifetime watch them breach and you may get an idea of the majesty of these mammals. There are many experienced charters that can take you to see phenomenon.

Walk or cycle around the Blackwood River and see pelicans and  dolphins. The Blackwood River is teaming with wildlife, its that simple. Hire a bike or stroll at leisure or even paddle around the river, The Blackwood River is also a prize destination for fishing for the famous Blackwood Bream. Kite surfing is also popular along with Kayaking. So come and enjoy the Blackwood River today.

Indulge in some wine tasting at the local vineyards. This region in Australia boasts some of the most exquisite wines in the world. Reds, Whites, Rose any taste for any palette. The Margaret River world famous wine region is only a quite 30 minute drive away.

Enjoy a swim at the local pristine beaches. In this area or region of Australia is home to the most exquisite beaches in the land if not the world. These golden beaches along with crystal blue ocean stretch for as far as the eye can see The ocean is fresh and far away from the more commercial side of the south west of Western on Australia. You can get fresh air, get away and simply just take it all in.

Excellent river and ocean fishing from the new Augusta Marina. The new marina is a prime spot for the avid angler. Augusta itself is famous for its vast array of fish to catch. You can fish for  herring and sizable salmon, Flathead Bream and Whiting. Ask the locals on bait and techniques people are friendly and helpful.